Hate Cleaning? Tips To Start Enjoying It

September 22, 2017

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Hi everyone 🙂 If your new thanks for stopping by, im Lotte (mum of 2, childminder to 17). If you’ve been here before welcome back, hope you’ve had a good week !

Anyone who knows me and my other half Ash, will know how messy our past houses have been and how much we hated doing any sort of tidying up. I wouldn’t go as bad as saying we lived in filth or anything but it was just cluttered with stuff that needed to be put away.

For the past year i have noticed a big change in myself and the way i want to live. Maybe its me growing up or maybe its because of the kids or maybe something that hasn’t sunk in yet. But the way i feel now about cleaning and tidying up has completely changed.

So if your like the old me who thought it will be fine till tomorrow or ill pick it up later. Then here are a few tips and tricks i have been doing to make cleaning and tidying a bit more enjoyable.


1. Buy items that make you want to clean.

By this i mean don’t go out and spend £300 on a new hoover. I have recently bought a new mop and its fantastic! Addis Spray Mop, it hold all the cleaning fluid inside so no need to drag that yucky bucket around the house while you go. It’s like getting a new toy for a kid at Christmas. Your thinking i’m crazy, i know but give it a go.

2. Tidy while you go.

I can hold my hands up and say i don’t do this enough. Ash comes home from work and always says “i know exactly what you have done in the kitchen today” and follows it around picking up the packets and bottles that didn’t make it back to the cupboards or fridge. But on the childminding side of things i’ve really got into the habit of getting things in the right places.

3. Get a big washing basket

We actually have 2, one upstairs and one down. I don’t touch the washing machine until at least one of the baskets are full. That way i don’t feel like im constantly do washing over and over again. I then spend however long it takes to keep the washing machine and tumble dryer going until the baskets are refilled with clean washing. Then right away it goes upstairs to be folded and put away. No time for ironing, but we’ve never really needed it.

4. Set a timer

There is no point in spending a whole day cleaning, then the kids come home from school and trash the place. To me that’s the worst feeling. Take it step by step, little and often is better than all in one. I love the power hour videos on YouTube and will set an hour on my phone and do whatever I can. You get into more of a habit and it makes it less daunting task.

5. Declutter

The less mess you have, the less you have to tidy away. I make sure i do Myles’s room at least every 2 weeks, go through his draws and bin anything junk like, broken or not right for his age so no longer played with. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

6. Distraction

Pop on your favourite music, tv show or movie and watch while you go. I love to put old episodes of tv shows that I’ve watched, like Friends or Great British Bake Off. I can listen and already know whats going on so can carry on with the cleaning.


I hope there are a few new ideas here for you to try, and leave a comment down below of any tips you might have for someone else.
See you soon xx



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