How to do Gel Nails at home – Sensationail – Remove and Apply

October 16, 2016


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Hi everyone i was getting ready for my baby shower and putting on my gel nails so thought i’d show you how i do it.These are LED gel nails rather than the UV done in salons.

It does take a while from start to finish it took me just under 2 hours, but this included taking old gel off. They normally last me 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling even washing my hands multiple times a day as a childminder and they still with stand the 2 weeks!!

Here is the step by step of what i did:

To remove the gel nails –
i used sensationail gel remover, cotton wool, tin foil, nail file, towel, orange stick.
take off top coat by filing down nail
saturate cotton wool in gel remover and place on nail
cover with tin foil and place in towel for 15 mins
scratch off gel with orange stick – repeat with foil if needed

applying gel-
file/buff nail to make rough
wipe down with alcohol wipe
apply gel primer and put in sensationail LED machine until light turns off after 1 min
apply sensationail top and base coat gel and into machine until light goes off
apply sensationail colour – 1 min in machine
apply second coat – 1 min in machine
apply 3rd if needed – 1 min in machine
apply top coat – 1 min in machine
wipe off sticky, using alcohol wipe
to finish off use a cuticle oil to keep them soft and prevent drying out

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