Labour and Delivery Story – INDUCED – 2x Epidurals – 14 hours !!

December 16, 2016


Hi everyone here is the labour and delivery story of how my little princess arrived !! It took 14 hours, 2 epidurals, a yoga ball and a lot of pain haha. We went in at 11am on 11/12/16 to be induced and was given the pessary at 1pm. By 2pm my contractions were that strong i already started on the gas and air and was 3cm. My contractions sped up that fast i was given an injection to slow everything down. I was taken up to the delivery suit and asked for an epidural. The first one had shooting pains down my left leg and i could still feel everything, it took 45 mins for the specialist to come back out of surgery to try again and even then it wasn’t perfect as i could still move my legs and feel slight pain. By this time there wasn’t much more they could do so gave me diamorphine, which helped me have a sleep. I was examined early Monday morning to find we were 10cm and ready to push. However my contractions had slowed down that much they became irregular and had to have something to speed them back up. Over an hour of pushing and she had finally made her arrival at 5:28am – 8lb 9oz. We were taken to the ward a few hours later and made sure i was completely better after my epidurals. We were able to come home at 6pm that evening and i couldn’t wait to see what Monkey thought of her. He ran out to the car and threw himself in overjoyed to meet his little sister !!

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